To hire a foreign maid from Indonesia, Phillippines or Cambodia, an applicant must go through a proper procedures adhere by Malaysia Immigration.



Below are the documents needed to apply for a foreign domestic helper :

–  A combine annual income above RM72K (1st maid) or RM120K (2nd maid)

– Passport size photograph (Husband and Wife)

– Copy of MyKad (Husband and Wife)

– Copy of marriage certificate

– Copy of children birth certificates if apply to take care of children

– Doctor’s letter if apply for taking care of elderly person

– Copy of latest BE form, acknowledgement E-BE and Tax Payment Slip (Husband and Wife)

– 3 months pay slips and EPF (KWSP) Statement  (Husband and Wife)

– etc….


All the application of maid must obtain approval from the Embassy, JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and Immigration.

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